Ordering, delivery times, shipping

Binding orders for instruments are subject to a purchase contract between Liuto forte GmbH and the ordering customer. The purchase price for an ordered instrument is payable within 10 days after delivery.

Ordering a custom instrument is subject to payment of one third of the purchase price, excluding VAT, within 10 days from the contract date. Payment of the full purchase price is subject to a 5% discount on the net sales price of the instrument without case.

Subject to sufficient credit solvency, the purchase of an instrument, either stock or custom ordered, can be financed by our affiliated bank over a maximum period of 6 years at a fixed interest rate of 4.9% p.a. (at the time of writing) without requiring a down payment

Custom ordered instruments are currently subject to a approximate waiting time of one year.

If a customer does not wish to collect his instrument at the manufacturer, it can also be shipped by post.