Lutes with angled pegbox

can be equipped with an additional bass and treble rider. If a second, straight pegbox is added to this angled pegbox to extend the bass strings, it is called a double head lute.

Liuto forte in g
(Alto Lute)

Liuto forte in e
(Tenor Lute)

Swan Neck Lutes

are instruments with two straight pegboxes connected by an elegantly curved neck.

Liuto forte in d

Liuto forte in d “Bach-Lute”

Liuto forte in d “Bach-Lute”

Copy of the historical model

Liuto forte in e

Archlutes and Theorbos

also have two pegboxes one behind the other, which are located at a slightly greater distance from each other on a straight neck.

This construction historically precedes that of the swan neck.

Arciliuto forte in g

Tiorba forte