Dr. Konstantin Bozhinov

Lutenist and composer, Canada
Arciliuto forte in g

Earlier today I picked up the lute. Wow, amazing first impressions! It is really beautiful and superbly well made.

But the sound is its real feature. Everything you told me about it, and everything I was hoping for is true.

Great sustain, tone, volume, colors, projection…everything is there.The action is perfect and both right and left hand spacings are very comfortable, just the way I wanted them.

I am really angry at all of the negative info I keep reading on lute forums about Liuto Forte. Clearly these people have never touch or even seen one of your amazing instruments. You can definitely call this the lute for the 21’st century as it solves ALL of the problems of historical lutes, absolutely. I really love the mechanical pegs. I’ve never tuned a lute this easily and it’s so effortless. I’m glad I got those.

The pickup inside of it is fantastic as well. I tried some recording with it and it sounds great.

Overall this is the perfect instrument for me, exactly what I needed. I am 100% satisfied and can say that every single one of your claims is very true. My poor old archlute in historical construction that I sold months ago cannot compare to this one at all.