Reinhold Hubner

Guitarist, Germany
Liuto forte in d (swan neck)

I would like to thank you and Mr Haaser very much for this wonderful instrument.

Every day I discover new sounds and gradually grow together with my Liuto. The way is still long and – as in music so often – potentially infinite. It is difficult for me to put the instrument out of my hands. The exercises you sent me are very beautiful and good to play. I still have to get used to the big register of the basses and especially refine the damping technique.

Since I couldn’t help it, I have already arranged the Ciaconna from the 2nd Partita with Fronimo. Naturally the tones are all in the tonal range of the Liuto. The selectivity of this instrument is really incredible. Melody movement in the middle “tenor” voice can be worked out almost effortlessly and can be heard crystal clear in the overall harmony. The instrument can also be used as an option against empty strings, and the intonation is flawless.

All my friends who have heard the Liuto forte are touched by the subtle, fine and warm sound.

Recently a friend asked me what is so special about this “New Lute”. I answered him: “Stradivarius and Guarneri are the measure of all things with violins. Meanwhile these instruments can also be copied (New Strad). Liuto forte, on the other hand, IS Stradivari among the lute instruments. This quality did not even begin to exist before”.

Meanwhile I take my guitar in my hand and put it down relatively quickly. It irritates me to have only six strings, the sound of which is on top rather weak, although they are so tightly stretched. I’ve actually thought about selling my guitar.