Johannnes Tappert

Guitarist, Germany
Arciliuto forte in g, Liuto forte in e

 I would like to take this opportunity to join the debate on Liuto forte. From my own experience over many years now I can verify absolutely everything you can read on the website, whether it concerns the romantic or the classical guitar, whether it concerns the historical lute or the newly developed Liuto forte itself. It is a lot of fun to get to know a liuto forte and I have been regularly able to make use of the ample new possibilities it has opened up for me.

At present I make use of a nine string Liuto forte in e and a thirteen string Arciliuto in g. Luckily, I did already have experience with my eight string guitar, otherwise I surely would have had those initial problems getting used to the 13 stringer. But even then – to experience the things this instrument makes possible is well worth the effort, and it is worth its weight in gold into the bargain. Playing Dowland and the other renaissance lute composers, playing baroque continuo both loud enough yet still relaxed, even playing solo with orchestra (like the concerto by Johann Ludwig Krebs) and having no problems getting the point across, what a lot of fun it is!