Karin Schlayer

Guitarist, Germany
Liuto forte in e

Last I had the lute with me at the Easter course in Hessen – I am still very busy with tone formation and appropriate attitude and on the search. I met there with Frank (Scheuerle) and his Liuto forte in g for a separate lesson with a guitar teacher and his ideas about tone formation were very helpful. The other participants and lecturers were very curious about our new instruments and we introduced them during a small audition in the evening. Everyone was totally thrilled!

Even if you subtract the fact that the participants are already in a positive mood “by virtue of their office” – it was extremely positive throughout. Feedback came that it was like a shimmering in the air, that it sounded like amplified and after the damping the sound still stood in the room and you could not escape its magic. I also found it very beautiful and the recording corresponded exactly to this feeling. One participant wanted to hear it to compare whether it could convey this live mood and then confirmed it. I am very happy with my instrument and glad that I decided to buy it.