Stringing on the Liuto forte

The core of the over-wound bass strings used today is made of nylon multifilaments which are the products of synthetic thread manufacturers for the textile industry, whereas the nylon or carbon monofilaments used for the plain strings of lutes and guitars are products of the fishing-line industry.

Textile fibres are no more optimally designed for music strings than nylon fishing lines are. Possibilities for improvements in this field are wide open for string manufacturers who can manage to interest a chemical concern into going into partnership. Until then, one will have to make the best choice of available materials.

The stringing on the Liuto forte is made up of plain nylon and carbon (PVF) strings along with wound strings in the bass. These strings are carefully matched to the particular instruments. The wound strings are specially manufactured items, designed solely for instruments in the Liuto forte family. Liuto forte strings are not available in stores, but are ordered by customers directly from the manufacturer using the supplied string list of their instrument  (See also: strings & accessories)

A perfect balance between the registers is the prime concern in the combination of strings on all models. The degree of blend between bass and descant is very high, even when the basses reach down through the octave below the bass clef. High density new materials are among those used for the over-winding of the bass strings, which brings a considerable brightening to the low strings of short length instruments.